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           All Saints Remembers

                  November 2020

This year is a Remembrance like no other due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and the current lockdown. Here at All Saints we still felt that we should mark the event as we would normally due even with no formal Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial

remembrance   poppies


                        IN BOTH WORLD WARS

Every man lost was researched and now has a folder with details about him and in many cases a photo. We were overwhelmed by people loaning us memorabilia for display, medals, certificates, bibles from the front and diaries. Also some articles from the French/Flanders ground.This year All Saints took the decision to mark the end of WW1 with a commemoration of all the men who died from Foots Cray. We were helped in this project by being successful with a grant from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund who gave us 8 silhouettes, on the basis that we would use them to Commemorate, Educate and Heal. Hence our exhibition which centred around the men and Foots Cray during 1914-1918.

entrance                                              porch       

poppy at front of church                                                  poppies in Porch

poppy factoryschool  

poppy making factory        children looking at displays and listening

war panelsilouhettesfoots Cray 1914

   Panel made in 2014              silhouettes                Foots Cray 1914  

some memorialsmaps of mens homes

Memorials for some of the men                           map of when men lived

 cabinet of memorbila

Memorabilia loaned by local people

Queens Hospital & Dr Gillies Now Queen Marys Hospital

 Queens Hospital (now Queen Marys) and Dr Gillies pioneer of reconstructive surgery. A poppy spells out " Before the Great War, Men with shattered faces, died of wounds or broken hearts. Now they go to a special hospital where marvels of surgery are performed"